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Saturday Torah Study, 9 a.m.

  • Grab a Torah (or access one of the Torah Resources links below). 
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    Torah Resources

    If you don't have a copy of the Torah where you are, use one of the many available digital resources:

    • URJ's Torah Study page, updated weekly
      • Scroll down to the heading This Week's Torah Portion and look below the heading.
      • For an overview, select the name of the parashat.
      • For commentary, select View [parashat name] Commentary.
      • For the text, select Read Full Text of text of [parashat name] (CCAR translation from The Torah: A Modern Commentary).
    • ISJL’s Taste of Torah, updated weekly
    • Sefaria's Torah resources
      • Visit Sefaria's Torah Portions page and select the correct parashat.
      • For the text, read the parashat directly from that page or select Read the Portion (JPS translation from Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures).
      • For commentaries, select Sheets and choose a commentary..
    • Chabad's resources, updated weekly
      • For an overview, look to the right-hand menu and select Text & Summaries, then [parashat name] in a Nutshell.
      • For the text, look to the right-hand menu and select Text & Summaries, then [parashat name] Torah Reading (Rabbi A.J. Rosenberg's translation; you can use the button at the top of the translation to turn on Rashi’s commentary).

    Upcoming Parsha 

    Arranged by Saturday beginning date, but the associated Hebrew calendar day begins the evening before (on Friday evening).
    • Feb 6, Yitro, Exodus 18:1−20:23
    • Feb 13, Mishpatim, Exodus 21:1−24:18
    • Feb 20, T'rumah, Exodus 25:1−27:18
    • Feb 27, T'tzaveh, Exodus 27:20−30:10
    • Mar 6, Ki Tisa, Exodus 30:11−34:35


    Read introductions to Talmud on My Jewish Learning (short) and Chabad (long). View a guide to the layout of the Babylonian Talmud. 
    Heidi Lerner lists other online resources in an article for the Association for Jewish Studies.