Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Blood Drive (Sun, Mar 25)

Come join us from 11 to 2 on Sunday, March 25, for our blood drive.

LifeSouth will bring the Bloodmobile and their friendly staff. Bring a healthy, well-fed, well-hydrated you. Bring a friend. Bring all of your local friends, for that matter!

LifeSouth says,
To give blood you must be in good health, 17 years or older (or 16 with parental permission), weigh at least 110 pounds and show a valid photo I.D.
Good health? Yep. Remember that iron supplement if you need it.

At least 110 lbs? Got it (and then some, and, if you're like me, then some more)!

17+ years old? Let's not get into exact age...it might not be polite.

As Mike says, "If you can please donate; it is desperately needed and it will be a mitzvah for our congregation."