Thursday, March 26, 2020

Streamed Friday Night Service, new Zoom link (Fri, Mar 27)

Do NOT come to the synagogue for this service. This is a streamed only service because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you show up, we will turn you away (for your safety, ours, and the community's).

To join us,
  • access the CCAR's Mishkan T'Filah free as a flip book
  • see the service outline (especially for flip book's page numbers) 
  • join by Zoom (NEW Zoom link -- will allow 100 people) 
    • get the password by emailing Susan, Ed, or
    • join this way to count toward minyan
    • join this way to participate (to take a turn reading, to speak to everyone)
  • OR join by Facebook Live by visiting the linked Facebook page and scrolling to the live feed; you should be able to find it easily because we pinned it to the top of the page this time!
Also, please fill out the short form for announcements from the bimah
  • names for mi shebeirach and yahrzeits
  • announcements to suggest or questions
preview of form to add names and announcements