Thursday, April 2, 2020

Streamed Friday Night Service, Zoom link (Fri, Apr 3)

Do NOT come to the synagogue for this service. This is a streamed only service because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you show up, we will turn you away (for your safety, ours, and the community's).

To join us,
  • access the CCAR's Mishkan T'Filah free as a flip book
  • see the service outline (especially for flip book's page numbers)
  • join by Zoom (same Zoom link as 3/27 -- will allow 100 people) 
    • get the password by emailing Susan, Ed, or
    • join this way to count toward minyan
    • join this way to participate (to take a turn reading, to speak to everyone)
  • OR join by Facebook Live by visiting the linked Facebook page and scrolling to the live feed
Also, please fill out the short form for announcements from the bimah
  • new names for mi shebeirach and yahrzeits (we'll say last week's too)
  • announcements to suggest or questions
preview of form to add names and announcements